Good evening Barnaul 😘 We have a Studio…

Good evening 😘

We Studio artistic tattoos  🔥🔥🔥
We have :
New, bright,spacious Studio 😊
Quality tattoos at good prices 👍🏻
Promotions and cool bonuses to all clients
Individual approach to each guest
Development of sketches and creation of individual projects, taking into account all the wishes and anatomical features
Nice atmosphere for comfortable work
High-quality supplies that meet all standards
A young ,rapidly developing team
A friendly, informal atmosphere
Anyone who read this post guaranteed discount to the session and healing film as a gift. 😃😃😃
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We work for you every day at:

Ave 1st West 46V office No. 5

🎈Where to go in the children’s Day Parks…

🎈Where to go in the children’s Day Parks 🎡 “Central” 10:00 – 17:00 – all day in the Park will go cultural and entertainment program for children. In the morning there will be the regional championship on the game “Classics” and chess tournament among students. Then there will be creative workshops. In 13 hours – […]

Over time, our teeth lose its whiteness,…

Over time, our teeth lose their whiteness, even if we are well taken care of. The use of coloring products is doing its job. “DENTAL-ESTETIK” whiten teeth with the help of new technology: LASER WHITENING; and traditional chemical bleaching..Today DOCTOR SMILE D5 is the most safe in the world of dental technology, teeth whitening and […]

📌Of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia: …

📌of the Buddhist traditional Sangha of Russia: on 4 and 5 June 2019 in the city of Barnaul will be to welcome our guests Lama of the Ivolginsky datsan of Buryatia Republic of Sagan Lama-a healer in Tibetan medicine,the practices of chod festival. Sirab-gamco Lama,master of Rituals, and of the Khurals. Ethel Lama-Sergisi Lama-astrologer. Receiving […]

Have you thought ever, how to provide…

did you ever how to provide your life with unforgettable impressions of the travel and passive income?!…..Have you dreamed to travel a lot more profitable and even for free ?!…..Are you tired of working on the schedule, and vacation twice a year ?! TAKE ACTION TODAY : Includes step-by-step system work⚙ Have all the necessary […]

🎬 Known actor Veniamin Smekhov walked around…

🎬 Known actor Veniamin Smekhov walked in Barnaul You have probably heard that in the regional capital are shooting the feature film “Land of Elsa.” Is the tape on the play by Yaroslava Pulinovich. The film began shooting in Altai Krai in autumn 2018. Work on the film producer Ilya Komarov, Director and screenwriter Julia […]

The authorities of Barnaul determined where will transport the planetariumAccording to…

Authorities of Barnaul determined where will transport the planetarium According to Valery Parshkov, the decision to adapt the building of the former cinema “Rodina” under the planetarium in the administration of Barnaul adopted. The project of reconstruction of buildings is preparing a workshop architect Alexander döring. Parshkov recalled that the former cinema building is an […]

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